Shot Peening with Rösler: For a longer life for your components

Shot peening is a process specially developed to improve the properties of components which are exposed to changing strains. For safety reasons, shot peening is also now absolutely necessary in the aviation and space industries. And shot peening is essential in all industries requiring long lives for components. This includes the automotive sector as well as many other industries.
The requirements for the shot peening method are becoming increasingly more comprehensive.

Rösler shot peening machines ensure absolute precision and reproducibility. By applying internal compressive stress on the component surface, the life of the component is significantly improved. Fatigue cracks and other signs of age during the operation of components are significantly reduced through the use of shot peening.

The desires and requirements of the customer are the focus of Rösler developments: Individually tailored complete solutions are our strength. Rösler shot peening processes are characterized by intelligent process supervision, innovative details and particularly durable components.

In particular:

  • the supervision of the abrasive flow on a magnetic basis or through a single Coriolis dosing system, depending on whether you are using metal abrasives or not
  • the automatic calculation, analysis, preparation and saving of data within the finishing process by our HMI interface system “PC Supervisor” for maximum process consistency and safety
  • preparation of abrasives using precise classification systems

Examples of machines from the field of Shot Peening

Possible work pieces for the process "Shot Peening"

  • Blisks
  • Drill bits
  • Rotary piston
  • Chassis
  • Springs
  • Universal joints for drive shafts
  • Hooks
  • Bevel gear wheels
  • Connecting rods
  • Racing car transmission parts
  • Spiral springs
  • Stabilizers
  • Masonry drills
  • Synchronizer hubs

  • Cup springs
  • Crown gears
  • Torsion profiles
  • Gear parts
  • Waves
  • Wave springs
  • Gears