Special applications

Cutlery cleaning / drying

Cutlery cleaning and drying with Rösler: For cleanliness and shine
Cleaning dirty cutlery is time consuming, it eats up time, the time of your staff, and is cost intensive. With normal washing machines, clean and spot-free cutlery clean does not always end in satisfactory results. In addition, high quality cutlery often loses its smooth surface and stops shining over time.

Rösler meets this challenge with cleverly devised cutlery cleaning and drying machines. Rösler offers the special RÖSLER Keramo-Finish® process for the refinishing of cutlery, giving your cutlery a high shine!

Our machine portfolio for industrial cutlery cleaning and drying includes:

  • our cutlery cleaning system RCC for residue-free cleaning of dirty cutlery from a kitchen fork to a skimmer
  • the Duomatic 125 C, our space-saving cutlery cleaning, polishing and
  • drying system - all in one process.
  • the RCD cutlery dryer for spot-free drying and polishing
  • the drying and polishing machines type C&S 3000 Rösler and C&S 7000 Rösler for hygienic cleanliness within the shortest amount of time 

High shine wheel polishing

High shine wheel polishing with Rösler: For mirror-like shine on new and used wheels
The compact wheel finishing machine from Rösler is perfectly suited for pre-grinding, fine-grinding and polishing of small series and special wheels up to 24 inches. It's easy to use and rapid medium change will polish your wheels in a completely reproducible manner to a mirror-like shine in only a few hours.

Forged or cast, it doesn't matter. The specially redeveloped 2 motor technology for wheel finishing with integrated lifting system makes the finishing of your wheels child's play. Continual speed control ensures a flexible adjustment for any finishing task, without any manual labor.
Scope of application:

  • High shine sealing for wheels of any type (automobile and motorcycle) up to 24 inches
  • aluminum, cast and forged wheels
  • Polishing of other motor elements
  • Preparation of parts, in the classic car industry, for example

Coin finishing

Coin finishing with Rösler: Rely on the world leader in technology
Be it the regular issue coin planchets following the annealing process or the pre- and post-treatment of galvanized coin blanks. From systems engineering has emerged the fully automatic special centrifugal disc finishing unit, MPA 37.1 A/2, made of stainless steel with a processing capacity of up to 1800 kg / hour - the highest in the market.

For drying tasks we offer both linear hot-air dryers with textile covers and hot-air dryers without drying agents as well as classic drying machinery.

Stone finishing

Stone finishing with Rösler: Surface finishing using the example nature gives us
Antique surface effects, ragged edges or smooth marble surfaces refine a series of natural stones such as marble, granite or shell limestone. The mass finishing process supports the special features characteristic of the material using nature's pattern. 

With Rösler stone finishing machines, even extremely large and heavy pieces with a weight of more than 100 kg can emerge with an outstanding surface finish. Our portfolio includes fully linked system solutions with automatic handling as well as individual machines.

Wood finishing

Wood finishing with Rösler: Deflashing, varnishing, antiquing
In addition to numerous other applications, mass finishing processes are also suitable for the surface finishing of wooden toys, decorative articles and other wood components.

Rösler offers machines for deflashing after sawing or milling, smoothing and varnishing. Wood antiquing is also part of our portfolio. With the world's largest consumable program, with around 15,000 media and compounds, Rösler systems are able to finish even the most complex component shapes.

Mass finishing with no media

Mass finishing with no media: For small and bulk parts
With the WTA round vibrator and the MK high energy disc system with integrated dryer, Rösler provides options for mass finishing without media for small and bulk parts of brass, steel and aluminum. The vibratory washing and drying systems for mass finishing without media allow for flexible processes such as oil removal, descaling, deflashing, grinding or rinsing, polishing and passivating with an additional drying process in only one finishing machine.

The part against part mass finishing process enables you to save on consumables and thus effectively contributes to a reduction of cost per component. Handling time is also reduced to a significant degree.