Aerospace solutions from Rösler: Reliable, automated, innovative

Aerospace industry companies demand from their service providers a high material competency and adherence to minimum production tolerances. Rösler Metal Finishing is a competent complete provider of finishing equipment for turbines, undercarriage and structural components. The surface finishing of these important aircraft components can prevent material fatigue and create a specific surface finish. This increases the life span, not rarely by a factor of 100. Our aerospace product pallet includes processes and machines for shot peening, raw blasting, cleaning blasting and stripping, high pressure water jet blasting and wet blasting. The precise finishing of defined exterior surfaces is just as much a part of our portfolio as the defined internal blasting of drill holes and feed-throughs. Our unique ISF®/REM®and RÖSLER Keramo-Finish® processes allow for the surface finishing of turbine blades, rotors and stators, which lead to significant performance improvements regarding less specific fuel consumption, exhaust temperature limits and low metal attrition.