Finishing and surface technology for Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

The finishing of additive manufactured parts (also referred to as 3D printed parts) requires consideration of the entire process chain in order to achieve the desired surface quality. Whether this is the removal of support structures, edge-rounding, high-gloss polishing, smoothing of surfaces or the preparation for subsequent coating.

For years Rösler has been intensively involved in providing process-oriented solutions for the processing of additive manufactured parts as a complete package. There are numerous smoothing, polishing and blasting processes to select from to achieve the desired surface finish. Almost any material, e.g. plastics or metals, as well as workpieces from a great variety of different manufacturing systems, can be processed. The scope of options ranges from homogeneous surface appearance, through polishing processes with low roughness values and on to high-gloss polishing.

Thanks to close cooperation with renowned industry partners and research & development institutes, positions Rosler to offer good results very quickly for all surface characteristics in this rapidly developing technology.

Trust in the experience of our test and development centres and get to know the different possibilities for your Additive Manufacturing workpieces.

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