Automation & Special Installations

Development of customer-specific solutions with Rösler processes

The seamless integration of blasting and mass finishing in completely automatic production lines is one of Rösler's primary strengths. 90 percent of the blasting and mass finishing installations that leave our factory are customer-tailored individual solutions. Depending on the finishing task, parts handling and degree of automation, various conveyor and parts carrier, blasting or vibratory systems, surface finishing media or abrasives come into play, as well as process water technologies.

Short loading and unloading cycles, high individual component weights and reliable repeatability are the criteria which make the use of robots and handling systems essential today. Tailor-made manipulator systems for the targeted intake of components are designed and constructed in close collaboration with the customer. Thus the parts spectrum for automatic handling ranges from the fragile injection nozzle to the massive motor blocks weighing tons.


RXD 1000-4

In the course of developing an ergonomic and reliable automation solution, a continuous feed blasting concept was implemented for Diamler AG. This concept focused on a high degree of flexibility with simultaneous setup freedom. The internal gears, which are manually applied to rotary tables, are fed to the wire belt blasting machine via a fully automated separating unit. After the blasting process, a conveyor belt handles the component separation. The gear wheels that are positioned this way can be stacked into mesh boxes by a fully automated robotics system.

Drag Finisher R6/1000

Rösler designed a drag finishing system for Walter AG, from Tübingen, for the fully automatic deflashing of tool bodies made of hardened tool steel. The system, tailor-made to Walter's specific requirements, consists of two interlinked drag finishers, with automatic robotic loading of the six different operating spindles. The systems can process tool bodies with a maximum diameter of 160 mm and a length of up to 350 mm. Programs with part-specific parameters, such as rotation direction and velocity of the spindles, immersion depth and treatment times, are stored in the master control for the various work pieces.


Rösler surf-finisher technology combines automated work piece handling with selective or full-area surface processing. The process is particularly well-suited for high quality, intricately formed work pieces. Every part can be finished with an individual process as required. The work pieces are guided by one or more integrated, six-axis robot systems, controlled by computer, in the rotating work containers filled with vibratory finishing media chosen specifically for the process. There is a high level of contact pressure during processing, which enables short processing times.

Customer-specific automation solutions

RDGE 1000-8

The Voestalpine Corporation invested in continuous flow installations for blast cleaning of compression hardened auto body parts. The components are loaded by robot, directly from the hot forming press. After the components are loaded at up to 260 degrees Celsius, they are cooled to blasting temperature. The cooling station is integrated into the blasting system design. The turbine arrangement is specially tailored to the work piece geometry and was calculated in advance by CAD simulation. A reliable process with optimal production flow and without manual intervention was implemented as a result.

Multi-Surf-Finisher RMSF 4/800

For our customer Klubert und Schmidt, we developed a fully automated processing concept that includes work piece handling, deburring, cleaning and even packaging. The Multi-Surf-Finisher is equipped with four spindles holding the work pieces and a rotating work bowl. This allows simultaneous, high-intensity processing of four work pieces. The rack housings pass through 8 stations – fully automated and in short cycle times.