Rösler Smart Solutions

Innovative solutions for the digitization of shot blasting and mass finishing processes

Nowadays digitization and intelligently linked work and production processes are hot subjects. Generally, developments in this field are focused on improving quality and productivity within a more flexible production environment, achieving better financial results and generating continued growth. The overall goal is, of course, to make a business more competitive and to make it fit for the future.
This trend poses also new challenges for the suppliers of surface treatment machinery. In order to create added value for the equipment users, intelligent solutions must be developed, which – with the use of dedicated sensors – collect and evaluate precisely defined equipment and process data.

The benefits of the Rösler Smart Solutions
To date the available solutions for shot blasting and mass finishing operations were limited to stand-alone systems with no or very limited networking possibilities. To promote the digitization of its own equipment range, the Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH is actively pursuing the development of suitable solutions under the trade name “Rösler Smart Solutions”. The aim is to achieve an intelligent process and machine control, which

  • Makes processes more transparent and reduce their costs
  • Allows consumption and wear forecasts to be made
  • Actively monitors the processes and to develop suggestions for specific actions
  • Allows quick correction of deviations and equipment faults based on already archived data
  • Achieves the optimum usage of resources and contributes to an improved cost-efficiency
  • Helps to document all relevant equipment and process conditions

The begin of digitization in the Rösler product portfolio
The company intends to quickly implement the digitization of the Rösler equipment range. This will extend to solutions in the fields of mass finishing and shot blasting as well as the Rösler brand “AM Solutions. In a first phase the digitization package for the entire shot blast equipment range will include software and hardware modules in the areas of

  • Work piece quality
  • Operating parameters
  • Maintenance.

These modules can be used individually or as entire packages and are, therefore, ideal for customer specific digitization strategies.

The first solution in the field of mass finishing deals with process water cleaning & recycling with centrifuges. A dashboard will display all relevant equipment and process data, and the user will be able to obtain suggestions for immediate corrective action in case of detected problems or deviations.

The smart process-water management solution is the starting point for a series of other digital developments. This will make it possible to automatically measure and readjust parameters.