Industrie 4.0 in der Stahlindustrie – Partners4Steel bieten Antworten

Industry 4.0 in the steel industry – Partners4Steel offer answers

Industry 4.0 has long since ceased to be a buzzword, but has become a living reality in many companies and sectors – the steel industry has also comprehensively recognized this potential and relies...

Rösler Konstruktionsstrahler RRBK 16/11 HD-So

Professional surface finish through simulation solution in the aerospace sector

In an industry such as the aerospace industry, nothing is left to chance; every detail, however small, must meet the highest standards of quality and safety. This is why the Polish company ATI ZKM was...

Rösler spendet Atemschutzmasken

Rösler donates 7,000 respirators to the Haßberg-Kliniken and the REGIOMED-Verbund

In addition to disinfectants, supply bottlenecks are also currently occurring in the procurement of respiratory protection. For this reason, Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers quick and...


Up to 40 % energy savings thanks to innovative drying solution following the mass finishing process

About 90% of all mass finishing applications are wet processes. Therefore the workpieces must subsequently be dried either in continuous or batch operation. This process guarantees temporary corrosion...

Rösler Konservierungslinie

Higher efficiency due to new preservation line for Konings Staal

“With this new preservation line, we have doubled the capacity compared to the previous preservation line.” Reports Bas Weterings, Manager at Konings Staal.In July and August 2019, a new Rösler...