Rösler Drahtgurt-Durchlaufstrahlanlage

New continuous flow wire mesh belt blast machine from Rösler runs more efficiently and saves valuable resources

Over the course of a project to improve overall productivity and to make the coating of WPC (wood plastic composite) profiles more eco-friendly, the Jürgen Schröder GmbH has invested in new machinery....


Double-batch mass finishing system for wet and dry finishing process

Highly flexible and efficient solution for processing of zinc die-castings

Gjuteriteknik, a Swedish foundry specialized in zinc die-casting, was looking for a mass finishing system that allows the...

Dosiereinheit mit separatem Konzentrat-Vorratsbehälter

Rösler introduces fully automatic antistatic compound replenishment system - another milestone for process safety and quality

Electrostatic charges are frequently a reason for difficulties in our everyday life. The use of plastic blast media, such as polyamide, inevitably causes electrostatic charging of the media pellets,...

Simulation einer Einzelteil Strahlbearbeitung mit Rotation und Translation

Exploring the shot blasting process - Simulation helps create perfect surface finishes for raw castings

In the foundry industry many production processes are developed by the use of simulations. But the actual casting phase is followed by further manufacturing stages adding value to the raw work pieces....

Rösler Smart Solution

Time for digital transformation: Innovative digitalization solutions for shot blasting and mass finishing technology with Rösler Smart Solutions

While digitalization is already more or less advanced in various industrial sectors, it is still in the development phase in surface technology, especially in shot blasting and mass finishing. In...