RWS 1200

Intelligent solutions for efficient, automated plastic de-flashing

To further optimize product quality, productivity and manufacturing capacity, a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic components decided to decommission its existing shot blast machines and...


Lower costs, improved quality and absolutely consistent finishing results

To ensure the optimal function of artificial hips in a patient’s body, certain surface areas on the hip stem must have different finishes. For example, the neck area of the stems requires a very...


Highly automated shot blasting solution for transmission components in E-vehicles

For the expansion of its transmission production facility for electric vehicles a German automotive supplier purchased a new continuous feed blast machine from Rösler that includes fully automatic...

FBA 24/ 2 Turbo

US giant Wheel Pros purchases 41 Rösler wheel finishing machines

Torq Thrust – an automotive wheel model developed in the 1960s by American Racing – is the most famous and most copied wheel design of all times. And it has not  lost any of its attractive appeal. In...

RHBD 22/27-F Strahlkammer

Linde MH relies on a sturdy foundry version of continuous feed spinner hanger blast machine

Linde Material Handling (MH) is a globally leading supplier of fork lift trucks and warehousing equipment. The company also provides technical solutions and services in the field of intralogistics....