New development: Long Life Compounds (LF)

Your work pieces deserve special treatment. And when it comes to placing the optimal finish on their surface, you can rely on our consumables. With around 15,000 different products we can offer you...

RT Euro-DH

Innovative work piece drying solutions for mass finishing applications

Energy savings of up to 40% This generation of dryers offers energy savings of up to 40% for drying the finished work pieces after a mass finishing process. They are an important factor in the...


Investment in the production sector of over one million Euros

A significant investment at the Untermerzbach location represents a major milestone towards preparing the Rösler equipment production for the future.  The new CNC moving column milling and drilling...

RWS 1200

Intelligent solutions for efficient, automated plastic de-flashing

To further optimize product quality, productivity and manufacturing capacity, a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic components decided to decommission its existing shot blast machines and...


Lower costs, improved quality and absolutely consistent finishing results

To ensure the optimal function of artificial hips in a patient’s body, certain surface areas on the hip stem must have different finishes. For example, the neck area of the stems requires a very...