Process supervision

The highest degree of process safety and reliability are the criteria which make process supervision essential today. With the PC Supervisor, Rosler has developed a computer control specifically for the aerospace industry, which supervises and visualizes the entire finishing process.

This forms the basis for an improved and comprehensive understanding of your process engineering, through remote maintenance and fine alignments. All functions of Industry 4.0 are supported by the PC Supervisor.

The PC supervisor is available in two versions: As PC Supervisor SPC, it is used during the finishing process for statistical process control and above all for the user-friendly creation of protocols and documentation.

As PC Supervisor Master, it is available for integral process control. At this higher level of design, systems can be controlled directly from the computer or individual process optimization can be done. Integrated service management is also possible for component wear and tear. The installation and its individual systems are designed to be visually pleasing and enable a perfect overview of the process.

Direct network integration with the customer network is also possible.