The ultimate in compound development

In the past, mass finishing chemicals were mainly alkaline and  chelating. Today, our compounds are based on organic substances, which are almost completely biodegradable. A computer-controlled mixing process, and constant quality controls in our own laboratories ensure that our high quality standards are met..

We are constantly developing special compounds for solutions to specific problems.

  • Liquid Compounds
  • Recycling Compounds
  • Powder Compounds
  • Grinding compounds
  • Polishing compounds
  • Dry-polishing compounds
  • Cleaning (degreasing) Compounds


New: Long Life Compounds (LF)
Our recently developed Long Life compounds (LF) are ideal for use in process water recycling systems. A special combination of the raw materials significantly improves the sanitary conditions of your finishing process. But our new LF compounds do a lot more: They help not only to facilitate and optimize your mass finishing operation but also contribute to a cost reduction of up to 60%.

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