Blasting cabinets for plastic deflashing

RSKI-S1000 / RSKI-S1400

This system type, specially adapted to plastic deflashing, is based on the proven blasting cabinet series RSKI.

For the desired processing effect, "soft" blasting material such as polyamide is blasted onto the work pieces using injector blasting technology.

The blast cabinets can be equipped with a range of optional features such as a flat perforated table, rotating baskets, rotating table, and movable or oscillating blast nozzles, to name just a few. This allows these blast cabinets to be configured for manual blasting all the way to fully automatic operation.

The possible work piece spectrum for these systems ranges from small and sensitive to large and robust, from individual parts to batches of small parts.

Special equipment:

  • Vibratory screener (to remove flash)
  • Blast guns movement
  • Part blow-off with ionised compressed air

Examples of application:

  • Carbon brush holders / contact holders
  • Friction bearing rings
  • Pistons / valve switching components