Roller conveyor blast machines - Continuous processing of long components

Roller conveyor blast machine RRB

Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are mainly used for treating long and/or flat components. The components continuously pass through the "pre" chamber, the blasting chamber, and the cleaning chamber on a special roller conveyor.

Highly efficient turbines fixed on the machine housing make it possible to treat the components on all sides.

Rösler roller conveyor shot blasting machines are used to remove scale, rust and paint from long and/or flat components.

The RRB designed was fitted with our heavy-duty turbine system, which  generates significant operating cost reductions due to faster throughput times, as well as reductions in shot-blasting media consumption and energy requirements.


High precision sawing technologies combined with high performance machining lines are the core competencies of Behringer and Vernet Behringer.
By linking these systems with Rösler shot blasting equipment, we can thus offer complete turn-key lines with optimized production flows, avoiding common interface problems that occur with other vendors.
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