Special machines

Customer-specific solutions for finishing surfaces

Your challenge drives us – we develop and produce customer-specific, specialized solutions for modern and efficient production.
Here you can find a brief overview of a variety of special solutions. We would be happy to meet with you regarding your own personal requests.

Continuous feed single strand blast machines

The RKL and REDL single-line blasting systems are characterized by enormous performance

In the many steel processing branches of industry, billets/semi-finished parts, specialized profiles and drawn wires are important precursors to high quality requirements. These compact turbine blasting systems achieve a descaling velocity of up to 130 m/min. and a surface quality of up to Sa 3.

Crankshaft blast machines

Blasting solutions with high degree of automation

A variety of crankshaft types can be optimally cleaned by selective blasting. Depending on requirements, part-specific programs can be stored in the PLCs of Rösler crankshaft blasting systems. The work piece receptacle and the blasting pattern are automatically adjusted to changing requirements within seconds.

Fully automatic aligning and blast cleaning of engine blocks weighing up to 5 metric tons

This newly developed engine block shot blast system RMBS 1-842 is used for blast cleaning and descaling of all engine block versions after the fettling operation weighing between 1,000 kg and 5,000 kg. To allow a fully automatic operation up to 99 different shot blast programs can be stored in the main control panel.
The RMBS is equipped with eight high performance blast turbines, type EVO 38, mounted on the roof of the blast chamber, Each of these turbines, with a wheel disk diameter of 40 cm and an installed drive power of 30 kW each, can throw up to  350 kg of blast media per min.

Highlight of the Rösler shot blast system is the specially designed manipulator with two built-in grippers allowing the treatment of one large or two smaller engine blocks. As soon as the blast chamber is closed, the gripper precisely rotates the engine block(s) under the blast stream. The manipulator also allows an oscillating gripper movement which is especially important for processing of smaller components.

100% automation – Roboblaster®

The operating scope of this high performance blasting system "Roboblaster" with one arm robot comprises deburring, surface finishing, as well as shotpeening of impact sensitive components of various dimensions. Every user of shotblasting technology that is using or planning a certain degree of automation in his company, should think about having a system like this with robo-handling. The Roboblaster® system comprises definition of the size, the performance and the technical parameters of the robot to be used, as well as determination of the design of transport systems. The Roboblaster® is tailored to suit the needs to the needs of the customer.